Case Study: sTitch Leggings

 sTitch Leggings is the original male leggings brand.

Started in 2012 by three best friends: Tom, Luke & Joe, they had managed to develop a unique product and brand that had gained national exposure through an appearance on the BBC1 television show: Dragons’ Den & had been featured in the Mail Online and multiple other publications.

They approached twenty ten about scaling their direct to consumer presence in the UK through their online store (

Three months after engaging with twenty ten, sTitch Leggings revenue in a single month eclipsed the amount made during the previous 9 months.

twenty ten implemented a number of growth strategies with paid spend through Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook/Instagram Ads and developed key relationships with over 50 influencers during this time.

This was all achieved whilst strengthening the sTitch Leggings brand and growing their community of loyal followers, many of which own over 10 pairs of their unique leggings.

“twenty ten came at the perfect time for sTitch, we were struggling to grow whilst remaining true to our customers. We are now expanding our tribe at an ever increasing rate”  

Luke Shipley - Co Founder, sTitch Leggings